As a treatment writer, I’ve had some wonderful clients. Here are a few:

“Camels have humps. Paul has ideas. In a pinch you can eat a camel, but as you chew, you will quickly realize it is ideas that make the world go round and not camels. At JWT, Paul was my frenemy. He and I competed to win more awards. We both won more awards. We fought to outdo each other’s copy. We outdid ourselves. Having Paul within cubicle-hailing distance was a blessing and curse as we whipped ourselves into a lather to come up with better headlines, better scripts, better tags. It was all rather exciting for everyone else, because while we were thus engaged, JWT doubled in size – due in no small part to Paul’s prodigious output of award-winning work. When you hire him, you hire a brilliant mercenary. If Mossad trained creative directors they’d come out like Paul. I encourage you to drop him behind the enemy’s lines and let him answer with his own. The results are guaranteed to be explosively satisfying.”

GAVIN BARRETT, Executive Creative Director and Owner/Founding Partner, barrettandwelsh

“For busy directors and producers who want the highest quality of treatment, who need it written quickly and efficiently. Paul is your best option. Coming from an ECD level at agencies like BBDO and JWT, with 25 years of being the agency client; this man knows what agencies want to see and he delivers just that. World class in his research, writing and design, Paul is first class. If you want to win a job, don’t risk your reputation with anyone else.” 

MATT M S NELSON CEO Green Bullet Films & Irresistible Films

“World’s Top TVC Treatment Writer? – Damn right he Is! Known this guy 30 years and he’s one of the few that can make your jaw drop with his work”.

BRYN CHIMES, Chimes Consulting

“Paul Regan was a great copywriter, a great ECD and now he’s a great treatment writer. His words are clever and his full blown treatments including image research, design and layout are really stunning. He has an innate understanding of the creative psyche, lives and breathes branding and knows how to talk to clients. Plus his knowledge of TV production is outstanding – I know, I taught him! When I need a slick TVC treatment written super fast, he’s the guy.”

SERENE CHIU, Founder, Redorfe Asia

“Paul is a great person to work with. As a treatment writer, he is creative and imaginative yet effective, and a powerful team player. He produced great work when we were partners in Thailand, and also directed a great TVC to promote UK investment in Thailand – despite his natural antipathy to the Brits.”

RALPH KUGLERChairman & CEO Unilever Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

“Paul is the best example of a strong creative leader – challenging, innovative and pushing the boundaries. Paul was involved in the initial development of the WING brand and concept through his role at River Orchid. I always valued Paul’s input and his treatment writing ability to help push our imagination to the point where WING will provide a great customer experience.”

BRAD JONESCEO  FinTech & Digital | Frontier Markets


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