I’m the industry’s best kept secret. 

With 25+ years in advertising, I write, research and design TVC treatments that win pitches for directors and production houses worldwide.

And here’s what’s in it for you…

I’ll do all the hard work and deliver a finished director’s treatment within 24 hours.

You send feedback then final draft is developed and sent for your approval.

Your client gets a high quality, comprehensive treatment that exceeds all expectations.

    • Fast – first draft within 48 hours.
    • Easy – director sends board/script plus notes either through email or via skype.
    • Efficient – I cover the basics and do all the hard work.
    • Perspective – I can take a fresh look at the script and offer input.
    • Design – my design partners are super talented.
    • Flexible – I can work to suit the director.
    • Quality – an impactful and convincing professionally written treatment from an experienced creative director.
    • Time saving – director only has to finesse the treatment so their time is not wasted
    • Value – it’s a small cost to secure the job that can be easily absorbed into the production budget
    • Kudos – the best directors have ghostwriters. They just don’t talk about it
    • Secret weapon – using my services will give you a winning edge

Now… not all TV commercials are created equal. Some treatments are easier and quicker than others so my fees start at £630 depending on whether you need just writing or the full package including image research, design and layout.

Either way, it’s a small investment  for a powerful, compelling and professionally written sales tool that gives the best possible chance to win that pitch. Smart producers find the cost can easily be included in the production budget  – a bargain for securing the job.

I also offer a 24 turnaround service depending on availability.

So if you have any boards or scripts you need any help with, drop me a line and let’s nail your next job: paul@ghosttreatments.com

Remember… my job is to win your next job.