In some markets, ghostwriting treatments is standard practice. In others, it happens but it’s never mentioned. If you’re looking for an edge, you’re in the right place. I’ll happily murder your completion.

I offer full confidentiality as a TVC treatment writer.

Here’s a good example of a standard job:

  • The producer/director at the production house checks my availability then calls or emails with the agency brief.
  • I read, reflect and make notes.
  • The director and I discuss the project and agree upon a direction.
  • Producer/director settles 50% activation fee to start the job.
  • If you require full image research, design and layout, we start.
  • I send over the first draft to the director/producer.
  • Director reads and digests.
  • Director then gives feedback on the treatment. Two sets of revisions are included.
  • I refine the treatment and send the second draft along with the full layout, if requested.
  • Producer/director settles final 50%.
  • I send second and final draft, if required.
  • If it’s a writing only job, then the production house then adds visual material and other collateral into their treatment for the agency. If not, the completed document is good to go.
  • Additional revisions are charged on a flat fee basis depending on availability.
Get the VIP Treatment

I also offer an emergency 24 hour turnaround service depending upon availability. Also I can provide mood films and pitch consultancy.

Now it’s time for the call to action. You know what to do.

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