What’s the cost?

Not all TV commercials or campaigns are created the same and so the rates vary between £600 and £1,200 for a single TVC treatment depending on scope, timing and complexity. That’s equivalent to the daily rate for 1 – 2 days for a good writer or a designer. It’s a small investment compared to the value of the time, trouble, energy you’d spend securing the job. All the best directors use TVC treatment writers, so next time an urgent job lands on your desk send it over for a quote. Remember, my job is winning your next job.

What’s your track record?

I’m the industry’s best kept secret. With 25+ years in advertising, I have written over 3,600 TVC scripts and treatments for clients the world over. Many have gone on to be produced commercials for multinationals like Unilever, PepsiCo, Proctor and Gamble, Coca Cola, L’Oreal, McDonalds and KFC… you name it, I could easily fill the page with logos. I have an excellent strike rate. My clients appreciate speed, professionalism and a genuine love of words coupled with slick and sexy design. Check out the examples for yourself is PORTFOLIO

What don’t you do?

Not much. My priority is to get the treatment over to you as fast as possible. I can help with design, layout, research, storyboards and other visuals for your final document. I concentrate on doing everything humanly possible to your vision for the commercial and getting it to you as fast as possible.

Who are you?

A Londoner by birth, I have lived and worked across Asia Pacific and Australia for the last 24 years. Currently based in London with frequent visits to NY and LA, I am also an Australian citizen and am happiest in Melbourne, London, Bangkok and Hong Kong. For more on where I’ve worked and what I’ve done, take a look at my  Linkedin profile

Is this really your full time job?

Absolutely. I’m not tucked away in some backwater writing the odd treatment as a side job. I’m the flow. Based in London, I make it my business to hit all the major markets and festivals as I live and breathe film and advertising. This year I spent two months in LA for LA Film Festival and I’ve just got back from the Lions in Cannes which was blast. Then for example,  I’ll be hitting the London Film Festival before heading off to the frosty Berlinale in February 2017 and then my first time at SXSW in Austen in March 2017 which I’m super excited about.

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How can we work together?

I find the easiest way to do business is on Skype. Usually the simplest way of working is for me to start from scratch, in collaboration with the director. The process is outlined under HOW I WORK. 

Alternatively I can do a rewrite. This is popular for directors whose native language is not English. You forward me a draft of the treatment and I will clean it up and polish it. I can also get treatments translated into Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, French and German. Please call me for rates and timings.

What are turnaround times?

I deliver within 48 hours or less. Any quicker than that and I charge a special rate but as I am located in Asia, I have the advantage of being a few hours ahead of the game.

Who are your clients?

I write for many A list directors and sometimes dearly wish I could namedrop. Alas, modesty forbids!  In this business, you’re only as good as your last film so please take a look at some treatment samples. Confidentiality is a critical part of my service so I never disclose the names of clients. You may be assured of complete discretion and total confidence.